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Events Presented By the Las Vegas Guild in 2014 and Before

The Summer 2014 Las Vegas Guild Get Together
This was held on 
September 14  at Ursel Albers' home.  Become a guild "insider" so you'll find out about Las Vegas events right away!

Youth Nights 2013 The opera again donated 50 free tickets to be used for any of the three 2013 Youth Nights.

Spring 2013
Saturday, April 27 and Sunday, April 28
The Santa Fe Opera Spring tour presented opera-related events to the Las Vegas community.

Saturday, April 27: at 10am at Charlie's Bakery & Cafe,  (aka the Spic and Span), 713/715 Douglas Avenue, Las Vegas, Oliver Prezant presented a family oriented program comparing mariachi and opera music.
Saturday, April 27 a
t 1:30pm at Charlie's Bakery & Cafe (aka the Spic and Span), 713/715 Douglas Avenue, Oliver lectured on the opera which our guild is scheduled to see on August 22, La Traviata.
Sunday, April 28, at 3pm:  the Spring tour performers appeared at Sala de Madrid, southwest corner of University & 8th Street, on the NMHU campus.
All events were funded by The Santa Fe Opera's Education Department and therefore free of charge.
Please attend and volunteer to be greeters at these venues. For more information, contact Ursel Albers at 505-425-3230.

Highlights of June - September, 2012
* The guild had representation at the June and September Guilds Inc. meetings.  Also, of interest, we received a $500 grant from Community First Bank again to be used for educational purposes.  This was our second grant from Community First Bank, and some of the funds were used in conjunction with the Las Vegas City Museum earlier this year to have Oliver Prezant spend a day in Las Vegas to talk about opera in the West, and introduce children to the opera experience. 

* Remaining grant funds are to be used to organize a one week children's opera camp in the summer of 2013.
* Our guild worked 5 dinners and 2 youth nights during this season, and we contributed $2,000 to Guilds, Inc.
* Greg Carpenter, General Director of Opera Colorado, spoke to our guild about the 2013 season, and a gourmet lunch was prepared by members, Rudi & June Stampfli (see more about that below).
* Karen Topping received the SFO's "Volunteer of the Year" award at the volunteer recognition luncheon.

August 12, 2012 Opera Colorado General Director visits...
On Sunday, August 12, Greg Carpenter, General Director of Opera Colorado addressed the Las Vegas Guild at Ursel Albers' home and spoke about the opera's 2013 season emphasizing the World Premiere of "Scarlett Letter" to be presented late April and early May at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House in Denver.  He encouraged attendees to come and be part of this unique opera event.
Las Vegas guild members June and Rudi Stampfli prepared a gourmet lunch enjoyed by 20 attendees.  All present enjoyed a wonderful summer afternoon.
As a point of interest, Lori Laitman is the composer for the World Premiere (May 4-12) of Opera Colorado’s production “The Scarlet Letter.” 

Here are two lovely examples of her work:   “The Silver Swan”   three songs

Special thanks to Carl Bogenholm for his pictures and to Carl & Ursel for their input on this article.

October 3, 2012 Luncheon at Arrow's Ridge...

The guild's Arrow's Ridge event was a smashing success thanks to Eric Moore, Charles MacKay, Kyle Gray and the 33 members and guests who attended.

Eric gave a wonderful presentation with props of The Grand Duchess of Gerolstein, the 2013 opening night opera, and fielded many interesting questions from the audience. His positive outlook about next year's season motivated many attendees to order tickets.


Charles spoke about this year's and next year's season and, as always, thanked members for volunteering and helping the opera succeed.

Karen Topping Billingsley, with husband Rod's help, had door prizes for everyone. Thanks to all the individuals, some not even guild members, who contributed great items for this portion of the event.

Joe and Annie Sandoval of Arrow's Ridge, as always, provided gourmet food and liquid refreshments in a most appealing atmosphere.

Photos courtesy of Karen Topping & Carl Bogenholm.







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