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The Guilds of The Santa Fe Opera, Inc.

Annual Meeting

The Santa Fe Opera Ranch Lounge

Saturday, September 15, 2018 10:30 AM

Call to Order:
The Annual Meeting of The Guilds of The Santa Fe Opera, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “the Guilds,” “Guilds, Inc.” and/or “GI”) was called to order on Saturday, September 15, 2018 at 10:36 a.m. in the Ranch Lounge at The Santa Fe Opera, Santa Fe, NM.

In Attendance:
Gwen Albers, Ursel Albers, Barbara Anderson-Acosta, Isabel Becker-Hudson, Susan Benedetti, Judy Costlow, Norman Doggett, Sandy Donaldson, Kay Dorko, Karen Henderson, Lesley Mortimer, Dominic Roybal, Susan Roybal, Leslie Veditz, Ginny White, and Community Engagement Liaison Kyle Gray.

Welcome and Introductions:  President Norman Doggett welcomed all Guild members.

Approval of the Minutes of June 9, 2018:  Susan Benedetti moved to approve the minutes of the Third Quarterly Meeting held June 9, 2018, Dominic Roybal seconded the motion and the minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

Amendment to the Agenda of September 15, 2018: Norman proposed to move Item 9) a) “Update of Volunteer Appreciation Lunch Gift to Charles MacKay” under “Old Business” for inclusion in Item 4) “President’s Report;” and to add an Item 10) c) “Future of Las Vegas Opera Guild” under “New Business.” The amendment was then moved for acceptance by Sandy Donaldson and seconded by Susan Benedetti, and the motion passed.

President’s Report –  Norman Doggett
Norman reported that he attended the Board meeting of The Santa Fe Opera, and that he invited Eileen Woodbury to join him so that he could introduce her to the Board members. He reported that both the current President of the Board as well as outgoing Director MacKay thanked the Guilds for the role they play in supporting the Opera. He also reported having attended a meeting of the Education Committee of the SFO Board that included Peter Sellars and Renee Roybal, and shared some insight into how much collaboration went into getting the Pueblos to become an integral part of the Doctor Atomic productions.

Norman reported that SFO ticket sales broke records at over $10 million for the season. He read a thank-you letter from Charles MacKay for the gift of an Autumn Blaze Maple tree from The Guilds of The Santa Fe Opera to honor Mr. MacKay’s tenure with The SFO, and then circulated the letter and some photos of the planted tree at Charles’s home as well as photos of the leaf motif note cards signed with good wishes by volunteers and strung up at the Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon at the Cantina in August.


Treasurer’s Report Gene Wampfler (absent), read by Norman and distributed in meeting packet

  • Pledge payments received during the 3rd quarter totaled $6500, which were fully passed on to the SFO Education and Community Programs Department.
  • GI received one new National membership and four new Guild memberships in the previous quarter.
  • So far in the current quarter, GI has received two new National memberships and eleven new memberships on behalf of the Guilds, which have come about through the GI brochures placed on dinner tables at Preview Dinners and available at Opera Insiders.
  • Opening Night Dinner payments were completed, and it was noted that the payments reached nearly $15,500, which is a record high. The net profit was $6,947, also a new record. Total expenses were $8,490. He thanked the Opening Night committee for their diligent work, which was also recognized via a nomination of the entire committee as the GI nominee for the Volunteer of the Year award.
  • The expenses for the funding of Opera Insiders refreshments for 13 weeks totaled $3,270.
  • The current checking account balance is $13,306.51.
  • The financial success of Opening Night party, coupled with minimal expenses for bookkeeping, Guilds meetings and annual report printing, made it unnecessary to hold back any portion of the chapter Guilds’ contributions for GI operating costs, and accordingly they will be passed through in their entirety to the SFO.

Gene made a motion to approve payment of pledged funds by Guilds, Inc. to The Santa Fe Opera for the 4th Quarter of fiscal year 2018, in an amount which will reserve necessary operational funds for Guilds, Inc. for the upcoming new fiscal year. The motion was seconded by Lesley Mortimer, and the motion passed unanimously.

Gene’s report thanked the outgoing Executive Committee and looked forward to working with the new GI administration under President Eileen Woodbury.


Guilds, Inc. Chairs’ Reports –

A.    Development:  Open
No report.
B.    Education:  Nancie Dominic (absent)
Kyle reported a total of 675 attendees at Opera Insiders through the season.
C.    Membership:  Lesley Mortimer
                                    Sept 2017       Nov 2017        Mar 2018        June 2018
Albuquerque                 191                  191                  191                191
Española Valley              70                    70                   74                   69
Las Vegas                      50                    50                   47                   27
Los Alamos                    56                    58                   54                   50
Santa Fe                      369                  383                  386                 381
Taos                              91                   94                    91                 110
National                          6                 no info                 9_______       21___ 
Total                              833                846                 852                 849
D.    Preview Dinners:  Co-chairs Gwen Albers, Susan Benedetti
Gwen reported that to her knowledge the Preview Dinner season went smoothly, with a few minor issues reported by staff. It was noted that the buffet-opening announcement and introduction of the speaker were assigned to staff to read, instead of Guild volunteers, at some point during the season, due to some volunteers making unscripted remarks while at the microphone.

Kyle Gray reported that there were 7,255 attendees and the income as reported so far was about $472,000.

E.    Opening Night Celebration Planning Committee: Barbara Anderson-Acosta
Barbara reported that she had a hard-working committee and was very happy with the number of attendees. She mentioned that volunteers for next year’s committee should plan for meetings to occur during weekdays.
F.    Youth Nights: Isabel Becker-Hudson
Isabel reported that it was a very strong season for the Youth Nights, with a total of 4,088 youth and 1,222 adults for a grand total of 5,310 in attendance. She thanked all the Guilds for utilizing their allotments of tickets for community youth groups. She announced the 2019 Youth Nights:
Monday, June 24, La bohème
Tuesday, June 25, The Pearl Fishers
Tuesday, July 9, Così fan tutte
Tuesday, July 23, The Thirteenth Child
G.   Nomination Committee: Eileen Woodbury (absent)
Norman read the proposed slate of officers nominated by incoming President Eileen Woodbury for the 2018-2020 term, to begin on October 1, 2018:
  President-elect:                       Karen Henderson (LAOG)
  Treasurer:                              Gene Wampfler (AOG)
  Recording Secretary:               Ginny White (LAOG)
  VP for Development:               Norman Doggett (EVOG)
  VP for Education:                    Martha Baker (SFOG)
  VPs for Membership:               Paul Neuman and Bill Swan (TOG)
  Youth Nights Chair:                 Isabel Becker-Hudson (EVOG)
  Opening Night Dinner Chair:    Barbara Anderson-Acosta (SFOG)
  Preview Dinner Chair:             Susan Roybal (EVOG)
  Corresponding Secretary:        Kay Dorko (AOG)
A motion to accept the nominations was made by Barbara Anderson-Acosta, seconded by Lesley Mortimer, and passed by unanimous vote of those present.


Report from Community Engagement Liaison:  Kyle Gray

2018 ticket sales over $10 million

2018 Youth Nights at the Opera:

  TOTAL – 4,088 Youth; 1,222 Adults – 5,310 TOTAL ATTENDANCE

2019 Youth Nights at the Opera schedule:

  Monday, June 24, La bohème

  Tuesday, June 25, The Pearl Fishers

  Tuesday, July 9, Così fan tutte

  Tuesday, July 23, The Thirteenth Child

  ·       Four youth nights can be a challenge, but Kyle is confident we can fill the houses

  ·       We may need to be organized about keeping a database of groups, which Kyle would need help with.

  ·       A real opportunity to expand and continue building opera culture in localcommunities. This falls in line with Robert Meya’s goals to expand deeper into community building upon our past and current successes.

Preview Dinner totals:

  7,255 attendees / $472,070 income –don’t have final $ yet from recon

Backstage Tour totals:

  Total Attendees in 2018: 3,098 attendees / $13,462 income

Guilds Inc. Financial Recon in mid-October – will have more to report on final numbers at November GI meeting

Robert Meya becomes General Director on Oct 1.

Please provide 2 to 3 date options of events he can attend where he can be useful to your cause in FY19. It at all possible, Robert prefers weekdays.

The other members of the management team are Alexander Neef as Artistic Director and Harry Bicket as Music Director, who will be bringing an international perspective to The SFO. In general, their presence in Santa Fe will be limited to the opera season.

Kyle will continue to provide programmatic updates at Guilds Inc. meetings so we know what to watch for in the coming months and year and see what our fundraising dollars are supporting – like with the Winter and Spring Tours, Active Learning Through Opera, Opera for all Voices, and the like:

UnShakeable in Albuquerque in mid-November – will advise of dates and location soon.

Looking at around Nov 14

Fall semester ALTO programming and Young Voices/Young Technicians has started in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Santa Fe. More to report at November meeting along with schedule for Winter and Spring Tours.
Andrea and
Kyle will be meeting with the Albuquerque Opera Guild later this month to discuss ALTO’s presence in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho and ways for that Guild to support that program appropriate to their human and financial resources.

Opera for All Voices Workshop happened in Chicago last weekend

The first work premieres in Santa Fe in the Fall of 2019 – Augusta Read Thomas composer/Leslie Dunton-Downer librettist

Membership Reports– need monthly or quarterly membership spreadsheet reports for Tessitura database, to include:

·       Name, address, phone, email, amount, date, etc.

Information Requests: Please allow for 1 to 2 weeks for information requests such as newsletter review, guest speaker inquiries, list and label requests, printed materials, and meeting requests.


Individual Guild Reports –

Albuquerque: President Sandy Donaldson reported that AOG is having a donor gathering on September 27, which will be intimate and include conversation with both the outgoing and incoming General Directors of The SFO. The annual membership meeting will be held on October 7 at Las Puertas meeting space, with singers from Opera Southwest. AOG is working with Opera Southwest to partner and possibly co-sponsor an event in the Albuquerque area. Sandy also mentioned a partnership with UNM to offer more opera-going opportunities for that youth demographic.

Española Valley Guild: President Dominic Roybal reported that EVOG’s next meeting will be September 24, to prepare for the winter “Posole Mio” event.

Las Vegas Guild: President Ursel Albers reported that LVOG is closing as of September 30, with 27 current members on a rolling membership that continues into 2019. Ursel recognized that LVOG closed once before and then enjoyed an eighteen-year-long revival in the 2000s, and mentioned declining population and lack of fundraising as two factors in the decision to close now. LVOG held its last meeting on June 9, 2018.

Los Alamos: President Karen Henderson reported that “Opera on the Rocks” is slated for today, September 15, at Bandelier National Monument. She said it has historically been difficult to get singers to sing outdoors due to allergies. Karen speculated that this might be the last year of the production.  

Santa Fe: President Judy Costlow reported on their annual meeting where they heard a talk by Missy West of the SFO costume department. They are looking forward to events in the fall and winter, including the Winter Luncheon in January with incoming Director Robert Meya speaking.

Taos: Susan Benedetti reported that TOG’s annual meeting will be held on September 23. Most of their signature pre-opera talks for Met Live in HD showings have been scheduled, at Doc Martin’s restaurant, where they continue to successfully recruit members.


Old Business

A)   Updating of Guilds, Inc. web pages

Please keep Norman apprised of chapter guild events, so that he can post them to each chapter guild’s page within the Guilds of The SFO webpage for public information. Norman will continue to manage the GI webpage, as VP for Development, possibly in conjunction with the publicity manager from SFOG.

New Business
A)   Annual report input from the Guilds due October 7, 2018
Norman distributed last year’s issue of the Annual Report and offered to update photos of officers today. He reminded Presidents and Chairs that their reports are due to him by October 7 so he can compile the publication.
B)   Financial Considerations for The Guilds of The Santa Fe Opera

Norman had emailed a document to all Board members authored by GI Treasurer, Gene Wampfler, that intends to begin a process to set a standard protocol for appropriate managing and guidance of budgeting/spending/fundraising within the chapter guilds. He did not review the document itself, but rather initiated the process – which straddles the change of administration of the Guilds, Inc. Board of Directors – by calling for volunteers to be part of a subcommittee to work on the questions before the organization. Names collected were:

  Gene Wampfler, as GI Treasurer
  Norman Doggett, as GI VP for Development

  Sandy Donaldson – AOG rep

  Susan Benedetti – TOG rep

  Gretchen Yost – EVOG rep

  David Harrington or Barbara Anderson-Acosta – SFOG rep

C)   Future of Las Vegas Opera Guild
Norman stated that Guilds, Inc. is not ready to relinquish the Las Vegas guild and will continue to explore the idea of re-invigorating the guild.

NEXT MEETING:  The 1st Quarterly meeting of FY2019 will be held at The Santa Fe Opera Ranch Lounge on Saturday, November 17, 2018, at 10:30 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Roybal
Recording Secretary of Guilds, Inc.

The Guilds of The Santa Fe Opera, Incorporated
O. Box 2658

 (888) 666-3430, Ext. 100

A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation founded in October 1963 

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