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The Guilds of The Santa Fe Opera, Inc.

Annual Meeting

The Santa Fe Opera Ranch Lounge

Saturday, September 16, 2017 10:30 AM

Call to Order:

The Annual Meeting of The Guilds of The Santa Fe Opera, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “the Guilds,” “Guilds, Inc.” and/or “GI”) was called to order on Saturday, September 16, 2017 at 10:36 a.m. in the Ranch Lounge at The Santa Fe Opera, Santa Fe, NM.


In Attendance:

Isabel Becker-Hudson, Susan Benedetti, Judy Costlow, Norman Doggett, Nancie Dominic, Karen Henderson, Lesley Mortimer, Mary Pratt, Dominic Roybal, Susan Roybal, Cynthia Turner, Gene Wampfler, Ginny White, Eileen Woodbury, and Community Engagement Liaison Kyle Gray.

Welcome and Introductions:  President Norman Doggett welcomed all Guild members.

Approval of the Minutes of June 10, 2017:  The minutes as presented were amended to remove Cynthia Turner’s name from “In Attendance,” as she was not at the June meeting. Nancie Dominic moved to approve the amended minutes, Isabel Becker-Hudson seconded the motion and the minutes were approved as amended by unanimous vote.

President’s Report –  Norman Doggett

Norman passed along two hand-written thank-you notes to Guilds, Inc., one from Robert Meya and one from Charles MacKay. Norman reported on the most recent news from The Santa Fe Opera, General Director Charles MacKay’s announcement that he will leave the company in 2018.

Norman commented on the fact that The Guilds of the Santa Fe Opera, Inc. is included in the “Summit Society” which recognizes donors over $5,000,000 (as a cumulative total over the years). This information is commemorated in the Wyncote Opera Club, and appears in the season program donor pages.

Norman reminded all that his tenure as President of Guilds, Inc., as well as the slate of officers that entered the Guilds, Inc. board with him, is in the second year of a two-year term. President-Elect Eileen Woodbury will head a nominating committee to engage a slate of officers for the two years of her future presidency, 2018-2020.

Treasurer’s Report  Gene Wampfler

  • GI received and passed on $5720 in pledge payments from the six Opera Guilds, and received an additional $650 in new membership payments. Gene recognized Eileen Woodbury and team’s efforts in redesigning a GI brochure, which he credited with attracting increased membership, including a Sponsor level membership of $600 from an individual in Virginia.
  • Final Opening Night dinner numbers are in, reflecting a net income of $5,413.12. Gene thanked the Opening Night Dinner and Speaker Selection Committees for their work in creating the event.
  • The current checkbook balance is $11,864.83, which includes about $2000 in accumulated funds GI has been collecting for Los Alamos for Opera on the Rocks, and which will be paid out to them before the end of the fiscal year.
  • Gene reminded guild treasurers that 3rd quarter pledge payments should be turned in by September 20, 2017.

Gene made a motion to approve payment of pledged funds by Guilds Inc to The Santa Fe Opera for the 4th Quarter of fiscal year 2016-17 by September 30, 2017, in an amount which will reserve necessary operational funds for Guilds Inc. for the upcoming fiscal year. The motion was seconded by Lesley Mortimer, and the motion passed unanimously.


Guilds, Inc. Chairs’ Reports –

A.    Development:  Elaine Ré (absent)
No report.
B.    EducationNancie Dominic
Nancie reported 669 attendees (558 adults and 11 youth) to Opera Insiders in the 2017 season, versus 910 in 2016.
C.    Membership:  Lesley Mortimer
                                    Nov 2016        March 2017    June 2017      Sept 2017
Albuquerque                170                 182                  182                  191
Española Valley             82                   78                    72                    70
Las Vegas                     60                   55                    59                    50
Los Alamos                   55                   56                    54                    56
Santa Fe                      403                 384                  382                  369     
Taos                               49                   57                  no info               91
National                            6                     4                      5                      6  
Total                            877                  825                  816                  833
D.    Preview Dinners:  Co-chairs Gwen Albers (absent), Susan Benedetti.

Kyle reported that from the staff point of view, all went well with Preview Dinners. There were more diners in 2017, an increase of approximately 300 over 2016. The practice of having five different speakers was well-received and will continue.

E.    Opening Night Celebration Planning Committee: Barbara Anderson-Acosta.
Norman read an email report from Barbara. Total of 171 guests this year. Barbara reported a glitch with the serving of the champagne resulting in long lines. Next year, any spirits will be purchased through the Opera concessions and not provided via the Planning Committee per the Opera’s policies. Barbara noted that the “thank-you” info card placed on each table will not be necessary next year as there will be no vendor discount to acknowledge and the other information included on the card is covered in both the program and the guest speaker’s remarks. 
Norman reported that Barbara has agreed to serve as next year’s Opening Night Celebration Planning Committee Chair. Opening Night is June 29, 2018, and the opera is Candide.
F.    Youth Nights: Isabel Becker-Hudson
Isabel reported the total attendance for the three Youth Night dress rehearsals for 2017:
June 26, Die Fledermaus 1,576
June 27, Lucia di Lammermoor 1,038
July 11, The Golden Cockerel 1,444
TOTAL – 3,088 Youth; 970 Adults – 4,058 TOTAL ATTENDANCE

Report from Community Engagement LiaisonKyle Gray

Opera Season went very well with great ticket sales and contributions, plus wide critical acclaim

  • ·       Ticket sales slightly down but coming in around 8.6 million
  • ·       Contributions ahead coming in around 9 million

Backstage Tours netted approximately $6,500 dollars with 3,053 attendees; Opera Insiders had 669 attendees

Shoes for the Santo Nino – Opera For All Voices production:

Shoes for the Santo Niño is the story of Julianita, the youngest of eleven children, who slips out of her home one evening to take a pair of “practical” shoes, that she has made, to the Santo Niño. Upon entering the church, the Santo Niño and saints come to life and Julianita is whisked off into an evening of mystery, magic and miracles.


Friday, December 1, 2017 – 7:00pm AND Saturday, December 2, 2017 – 2:00pm


Friday, December 8, 2017 – 7:00pm AND Saturday, December 9, 2017 – 2:00pm

Winter Tour will be in Santa Fe at the Cathedral Basilica on Friday, December 15, at 7:00 pm

  • ·       Dec 10 – Las Cruces, location and time TBD
  • ·       Dec 12 – Corrales, Old San Ysidro Church, 7:00 pm
  • ·       Dec 16 – Roswell, Anderson Museum, 7:00 pm
  • ·       Dec 17 – Albuquerque, St. Johns, 3:00 pm

Spring Tour opera will be Trinity, a one-act opera presented on the 75th Commemoration of the development of the atomic bomb. Trinity takes place in southern New Mexico in the present day and during World War II.

Youth Nights: 2017 TOTAL – 3,088 Youth; 970 Adults – 4,058 TOTAL ATTENDANCE

2018 Youth Nights at the Opera schedule:

  • Monday, June 25, Candide
  • Tuesday, June 26, Madame Butterfly
  • Tuesday, July 17, The Italian Girl in Algiers
  • Tuesday, July 24, Ariadne auf Naxos

Young Voices and Young Technicians programs off and running for the year


o 7 sopranos; 2 mezzos; 2 tenors; 4 baritones

o 6 from Albuquerque; 1 from Los Lunas; 3 from Los Alamos; 5 from Santa Fe

Doctor Atomic will have special community programming during the 2018 Festival Season –more details to follow

Membership Reports – need monthly or quarterly membership spreadsheet reports for Tessitura database, to include:

  • Name, address, phone, email, amount, date, etc.

Information Requests: Please allow for 1 to 2 weeks for information requests such as newsletter review, guest speaker inquiries, list and label requests, printed materials, and meeting requests.

Visiting the Opera: The main road that runs through the Opera campus, connecting the North Gate to the South Gate, will be repaved at some point this fall. Be cautious when visiting the Opera campus starting Sep 18 and enter through the South Gate.

Individual Guild Reports –

Albuquerque:  Treasurer Gene Wampfler reported that AOG brought 55-60 people to Opening Night on a motor coach, and had a great time. A Major Donor Luncheon was held for donors of $150 or more at a private home. Membership drive opened July 1 to coincide with the season. The annual meeting is scheduled for September 23, with a performance by Denise Wernly.

Española Valley Guild: President Dominic Roybal reported that EVOG’s 50th Anniversary year was marked with a recognition of the four founding members who are still members of the guild, one of whom was EVOG’s nominee for Volunteer of the Year (Joyce Sass-Davis). “Posole Mio” is scheduled for January 21, 2018.

Las Vegas Guild: Cynthia Turner reported that an event in May was held at a ranch, and that the Preview Dinners were successful. Norman commented that he has been in touch with LVOG to try to set up the 3rd Quarterly meeting in June of 2018 in Las Vegas, perhaps at United World College. All present indicated a willingness to travel to Las Vegas for the summer meeting in June of 2018.

Los Alamos: President Karen Henderson reported “Opera on the Rocks” is September 30, with guild members at $150 and above entitled to free attendance. The next LAOG board meeting will take place at Bandelier, so that they can finalize the details of “Opera on the Rocks” with park staff prior to the regular board meeting. LAOG is partnering with Friends of Manhattan Project National Historical Park, and brainstorming ways to connect youth, Doctor Atomic, and the Friends group with plans to set up tours involving 109 East Palace, the Manhattan Project NHP and The Santa Fe Opera performances/tours.

Santa Fe: President Judy Costlow reported that revenue is up, even though membership is not. SFOG started a book club with an opera theme this year which has been very popular; they have a “salon” coming up in November, with various speakers on different topics related to the opera season. The “Winter Luncheon” will be held on January 25 at Hotel Santa Fe, and this year’s speaker is Charles MacKay.

Taos: President Susan Benedetti reported the membership brunch was held June 22 which included performances from the Taos Opera Institute, and the annual meeting is September 17, 2017.


New Business

A)   Guidance for Annual Report, Norman Doggett
Norman brought copies of the past year’s annual report for guild presidents to review for ideas on how to put together an annual report for their guild. Norman is preparing the 2017-18 Annual Report.
B)   Guild volunteers needed for 2018 Opening Night Dinner Planning Committee and 2018 Opening Night Speaker Selection Committee, Norman Doggett
Norman requested that all guilds be prepared to submit the names of at least one volunteer to serve on each of these committees which will commence in December. A back-up volunteer is also advisable.
C)   Possible Guild events to honor Charles MacKay, Norman Doggett
Norman asked any guild who would like to invite Mr. MacKay to one of its premier events to communicate the date of that event very early to Kyle, to see whether Charles can attend. Kyle added that it’s reasonable to expect that Charles will be invited to many events this year, and so the best chance of having him attend is to invite him to an event occurring outside of the opera season. Kyle also suggested that the SFOG Winter Luncheon (January 2018), where Charles is the speaker, might be seen by Charles as an event where he is honored by all the guilds – and Kyle suggested that more might be done to play that up rather than creating a separate event to accomplish that goal.
Nancie Dominic suggested that perhaps Guilds, Inc. could think of a practical gift to present to Charles, as he has been a General Director who has faithfully supported the role of the guilds.
D)   Updating of Guilds, Inc. web pages, Norman Doggett
Norman asked each guild to review its individual web page under website, and provide Norman with new events, dates, and/or photographs with which to update the information. Many of the guilds have very outdated information that needs to be deleted and he will be doing that, so please provide material for him to post so that a guild’s page isn’t blank.

NEXT MEETING:  The 1st Quarterly meeting will be held at the Ranch Lounge at The Santa Fe Opera on Saturday, November 11, 2017, at 10:30 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Roybal

Recording Secretary of Guilds, Inc.

The Guilds of The Santa Fe Opera, Incorporated
O. Box 2658

 (888) 666-3430, Ext. 100

A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation founded in October 1963 

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